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Companies are increasingly faced with a variety of legal obligations regarding the environment. This trend is set to increase in the future as global demands to tackle climate change are debated.
It is therefore vital that companies are aware of current and future legal obligations. Anticipating future legislative changes can help mitigate the costs of compliance.
Environmental Management Systems
Maintenance of an environmental management system requires a company to identify and keep up to date with applicable legal, statutory and related requirements. It is important to be aware of how legislation affects you so that compliance controls can be implemented and periodically evaluated.
Demands from Customers & Regulators
Environmental compliance isn't just a matter of conforming to legal requirements - demands to demonstrate compliance can come from different sources:
bulletcustomers may require to see copies of your environmental policy and procedures
environmental regulators may want information on your existing environmental controls following major incidents or accidents
bulletincreasingly public sector bodies and blue chip companies are requiring proof of environmental compliance and a robust environmental management system at the tendering stage
Employee Awareness Training
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In managing environmental compliance, employees also need to be made aware of how changes in legislation or regulatory controls affect their day to day responsibilities.
We can provide tailored in-house training for employees to meet the needs of your environmental management system.
Other Sources of Information:
bulletwww.environment-agency.gov.uk - the Environment Agency website provides guidance on environmental legislation for small and medium sized businesses (previously NetRegs)
environmental business journals such as ENDS - www.ends.co.uk
bulletenvironmental compliance manuals such as croners - www.croner.co.uk
bulletyour trade association may provide updates with regard to environmental compliance
bulletenvironmental business clubs and networks
However small your compliance requirements we can provide a solution
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bulletpreparing & updating registers of Environmental Legislation
If you already have an EMS in place, but don't have the resources to keep up to date with changing environmental regulations & obligations, let our experienced consultants maintain and update your legal register
bulletenvironmental compliance reviews
We can undertake a review to assess whether your organisation meets current environmental compliance requirements and make recommendations for action
bulletwaste management best practice and procedures
We can provide a Chartered Waste Manager to advise you on implementing best practice and legal compliance in your duty of care obligations
bulletinternal audits of the EMS
We can undertake the internal audits of your EMS required to maintain compliance with ISO14001
bulletrepresentations on your behalf to Environmental Regulators
If you need one-off advice and support in dealing with Environmental Regulators we can act as advocates on your behalf and negotiate solutions
bulletdeveloping an environmental policy and procedures following customer requests
If you don't require a full environmental management system but need to respond to customer requests for an Environmental Policy and procedures we can prepare these quickly and efficiently