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cost effective environmental solutions
aecos environmental can help with a range of other environmental management services to give your business the competitive edge in today's increasingly environmentally aware climate.
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Carbon footprinting:
There are many reasons why organisations wish to calculate their carbon footprint:
bullet pointto manage the Company’s carbon footprint and reduce its emissions over time
bullet pointto report the carbon footprint to a third party such as customers, investors or for Corporate Social Responsibility purposes
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aecos environmental can help you to calculate your carbon footprint and gain a better understanding of the environmental impact of your business.
Waste Minimisation & Waste Audits:
Waste minimisation represents a significant opportunity for companies to generate cost savings as well as improving environmental performance.
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By undertaking waste audits we can identify opportunities for waste elimination, reuse and recycling and develop procedures for process redesign and sustainable procurement strategies.
Staff training is vital to ensure compliance with duty of care and hazardous waste legislation, as well as ensuring waste is minimised. We can provide tailor made in-house training for staff to suit your needs.
reduce waste....cut costs....
other services
bullet pointOutsourced Environmental Manager
Why not outsource all your environmental management responsibilities? You have all the benefits of an IEMA qualified Chartered Environmental Manager whenever you need one, without the expense of an in-house dedicated resource.
bullet pointEnvironmental Awareness & Staff Training
Relevant and on-going staff training is a requirement of maintaining an ISO 140001 compliant environmental management system.
Even if you don't have an Environmental Management System in place, staff training is essential to ensure environmental regulations are adhered to in the workplace.
Most public sector organisations and blue chip companies now require an Environmental Policy and Procedures at the pre-qualification stage of any tendering process. We can provide you with the necessary documents to gain you that invitation to tender.
We offer the full range of compliance services.